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About The Author

Rashi Shrivastava is a twenty four year old woman, who holds a Masters Degree in English Literature from the University of Delhi. Reared in a convent school, she is an avid reader and writer by default. Writing fiction is something that came naturally to her, and she hopes to make it big as a bestselling novelist one day. Waiting for the pen to coincide with her thoughts and animate them into a beautiful book, she has finally been able to achieve a part of her dream. 

She has published a short story – ‘The Yellow Envelope’ in a compilation by Authors’ Ink India, ‘Love a Sweet Poison 2’, in October 2016.

She published her debut novel - "Sojourn, A Woman In Exile" in August 2017 by BecomeShakespeare under the Wordit Art Fund.

Rashi is also a regular blogger and writes about numerous aspects of life ranging from Books, Love, Writing, Reading and Beliefs. Her blog address is as follows: www.temptationofwords.wordpress.com. Besides, she is a writer on Facebook and Instagram for her page – Temptation Of Words, where she likes to put down her thoughts on display for her readers.
She believes in the charm of the universe being the best judge in giving people exactly what they deserve. Setbacks and failures are a part of life, but the glint of one small achievement has the potential to surpass all their gloom. 

She can be contacted at – writetorashishrivastava@gmail.com


About the Book


A Woman in Exile

A psychedelic intrusion into the mind of a thirty six year old single woman, Mira, who reminiscences of her past life in a span of twenty four hours, is culminated into an awaiting surprise at her doorstep. One day out of her monotonous life has been chosen by the author to delve into the deeper recesses of her mind that harbour childhood pains, a distorted parent-child relationship and an overarching love relationship that paved the way for a dreamy future but was put to halt in between. A dream that elicits an opening of the floodgates of the emotions of this woman, Mira, is followed by an amalgamation of the everyday chores with her emotional abundance. She is reminded of Veer when she goes out for her morning jog, she is reminded of him while taking a bath, she is reminded of him by every gush of air that touches her face, and to the extent that she has to leave all her work and sit in introspection at her most favourite place set in the heart of a small district in Sikkim – Pelling. The overlap of her thoughts with the air of the mountains and the crisp, biting snow, not to forget the tingling warmth of the mountain sun is what has been the recipient of her emotional outburst and the vignettes of her past that lay entangled to herself and were then unravelled through the calming effect of Nature. What follows in the narrative is a dive into her consciousness evoking memories of her past, starting from the first time she met him, to the last time they met. The cage of memories enclosed a love story juxtaposed with familial relationships, the ups and downs and the early adulthood fears of people in love. As she returns to the present, there is a symbolic turning over of a new leaf, a new life to be precise, only to be rewarded with a moral dilemma towards the end. What should be the end is something that the author wants to leave for the readers to judge, pertaining to their personal understanding of love, relationships and moral rights or wrongs.


Recent Blog Posts


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Rashi Shrivastava Sep 26 2017

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A Fantasy

Rashi Shrivastava Jul 29 2017

Come meet me in the bower, On a full moon night. Under the blanket of a starry shower, Come bathe me in your light. We can make love to each other. ... Read More


Sojourn Insight #5

Rashi Shrivastava Jul 27 2017

Here I am, presenting another snippet from my novel, Sojourn, A Woman In Exile and along with this I would like to share with my readers that I have hired a PR Agency that is MadProMedia which has been instrumental in aiding the book publishing process. Hopefully, I will be able to commit to a date and an extravagant Book Launch for my readers! ? ... Read More


The Malady Of Publishing a Novel

Rashi Shrivastava Jun 02 2017

What month is it? May? Oh, sorry but I think May is way past and we are two days into June. Why am I talking about dates all of a sudden? Perhaps, because I was waiting for my novel all through May, feverishly contacting the publisher and panicking when I did not receive any replies from them. All this to result in another endless spree of waiting for my creation to hit the markets. Because the reply I got from them was the same I had received at the start of May. ... Read More


Write. Publish. Repeat.

Rashi Shrivastava Feb 23 2017

22 February 2016 was the day I first conceived the plot of my novel, releasing sometime in 2017. Happy Birthday to that!
It has been almost a year and I’m still not through with the publication process. I know, I know, it takes a lot of time. Some even say that I’m lucky enough to get it done within a year. They knew of instances where it took more than 2 years!
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